Q: Hi! I really want to start ballet again (I quit 6 years ago) and I'm 16 now but I have flat and wide feet and pointing my toes can be a bit painful because the muscles and the bones in my toes seem to freeze up. Should I for get about doing ballet or try it?

As I see it, anyone can do ballet. If you want to dance, there will be a way. This is how I see it.

In general, flat and wide feet are not at all a problem! However, about your muscles and the pain you should consult a physician or at least a dance teacher and ask them if it is possible and not harmful for your feet to do ballet, especially if you want to do pointe work! Still, i think ballet can be good for your feet and train your muscles if you keep it light & don’t dance everyday. Of course, i don’t know where your pain comes from, so I could be wrong!

Let’s say they say no, don’t do it. What I would do is ask if you can dance at all. I mean ballet is not just about pointing your feet & being on pointe! That’s why it is, in my opinion, not a sport. It is the artistry that counts, and if you are able to run, you should technically be able to do ballet! Of course to a less professional degree, if some movements are painful for you. Still, if you watch contemporary ballet, there really are styles where they don’t really point their feet? You might want to try that, if you really want to do ballet and it doesn’t hurt too much. 

Don’t worry about your quitting six years ago! You probably will not become a professional dancer, but you still can have the joy of dancing in your spare time! 

I hope that helped! Of course, this is only my personal opinion, i am not a professional dancer, physician or dance teacher, so please consult other people about this!

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Q: I would really like to start lyrical dance but do you think 18 is too old for that? Also do I need any requirements if I want to start dance? xx

That’s great!!!!

NOOO never say that! You’re never to old for dancing. I mean, you might be too old to make money off it, which is really hard in general, BUT that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be doing it at all! Dancing is wonderful, no matter the skill level or age! So physically, you don’t really have any requirements, but of course, there are things that make dancing ‘easier’, meaning that if you natually have open hips you will master the splits easily. That, again, is by no means a requirement!!!!!

So, just do it if you want to!

I would really recommend you to find a dance studio in your area. They usually have a range of styles, so you pick the one(s) that work best for you! As for requirements, you don’t need much: Just some clothes you’re comfortable in and that allow you to move! Depending what style you dance, you might also want to look for shoes (ballet slippers or jazz shoes or whatever) but i think in the beginning you can dance with socks or light shoes, just ask your studio first! They will also provide you further information on how to dress and what to bring!

I hope that helped, have fun!

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Q: Do you have the link to the video of Maria Kochetkova gifs that you made? I think she is doing the nutcracker variation in the one I'm asking about.

Sure! Although the bits I giffed are basically all the frames of this variation, so don’t be upset!


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